Thursday Jun 4, 2020

Kharg Harbor Civil Projects

تصویر ماهواره ای بندر خارگ 

In progress projects:
Project name: Kharg's Morvarid harbor passenger terminal
Technical specifications:
·        Steel structure with 1650m² infrastructure
·        Two floors including passport check, passenger and load control, public hall, passenger entering and departing halls, customs and police offices, recreation space of 400m²
Project name: Kharg passenger docks
Technical specifications:
·        Two piled docks with concrete deck
·        Length of 100m
·        For Catamaran passenger ships docking
Project name: Constructing Kharg marine traffic control tower
Technical specifications:
·        Constructing Kharg marine traffic control tower
·        Height of 43m
In study projects:
Project name: organizing the provision harbor of Morvarid
Technical specification:
·        Two passenger docks
·        One provision docks
·        Storage, administration buildings, S&R building
·        Dredging
·        Repairing breakwaters