Thursday Jun 4, 2020


This unit gives services to the ingoing vessels and shipping agencies round the clock. All the shipping agencies advise the arrival of their ships well in advance to the unit in written. After inquiry into Financial Affairs Unit and providing deposit, the pre-arrival formalities for the clearance of the vessel would be done.
The Most Important Duties of the Unit  

Embarkation on the vessel, collection and observation of the required documents in accordance with the essentials of the International Conventions for the ease of Marine Traffic (FAL)

Issuance of Port Clearance after passing official formalities 

Registration of ingoing ships` particulars, issuance of Financial Forms to be submitted to the Financial Affairs Unit to issue the bill instantly

The observation and approval of the annual activities of the shipping agencies according to the ingoing vessels of the very agency

Coordination for the dispatch of the service boat to collect the garbage and issuance of the bill